Welcome to my workspace

About a month ago I finally flew the nest and moved across the border to be closer to work. Now I spend most of my time learning to adult and figuring out how to be a 'real' person. Even though its a big change, its very exciting to have a place I can call my own and something to put my stamp on.... or just somewhere I can put all the useless pretty things that I like to buy because I can't live without them... aha. One of my favourite purchases though, has to be my new desk!


That probably doesn't sound very exciting to a lot of people but for me its my new creative workspace, which means gone are the days of working from my bed or on a cramped desk where everything has to be packed away at the end of the day. I definitely think one of the best ways to be productive is separating your work area from the place where you relax and wind down.

I don't currently work from home so I'm mostly going to be using this space for personal work however at the moment, I get excited just using it to write a post-it note! Hopefully this will give me the chance to spend some more time on my own projects and creating the things that interest me most.

I'm excited to see what happens in this new environment so be on the look out! 

Happy Easter :)


That time I illustrated a book...

Its been a bit quiet around here for a while (more about that in my next post!) but today I have something very exciting to share with you. It looks a bit like this...

When I graduated from university last summer I was really interested in pursuing book illustration of some sort. Therefore I was extremely pleased when a company called BRF approached me after seeing my portfolio and asked me to illustrate the cover of this book. This was my first professional piece of work and in February was my first ever published illustration so it will always be a little special to me.  

The book is called Outdoor Church and was written by Sally Welch. Its aim is to provide children and families with resources to use outside the church building. The main emphasis of the cover was to capture the beauty of nature in every season while showing the community between families, children and adults.

Like I said before this was my first job straight out of uni and at times was quite hard, especially working from home in my bedroom, not knowing what work would come next and trying to communicate feedback via email. However it was a huge learning curve and a great experience seeing life as a freelancer. It was also very exciting watching my designs develop from start to finish and to now be able to see the final product and hold it in my hands.

Just in case you might be interested in purchasing this book by Sally Welch, you can find it on the BRF website here http://www.brfonline.org.uk/9780857464163/. Look out for some seasonal illustrations inside too :)


Something a little festive...

This Christmas I decided to be a little more creative with some of the presents I gave in order to make things a little bit personal. Funnily enough, this wasn't something I planned from the start and it kind of came about as a happy accident!

As I was searching for gift ideas, I saw a lot of things that could be personalised with engravings, note cards or special boxes, which seemed like a really special idea. However it added A LOT to the price, so I decided to take things into my own hands...

With the gifts I wanted to give I used Pinterest for some typography inspiration and made a little hand written note to accompany them. I then wrapped the present boxes in Christmas paper to make things feel a little more festive and ultimately keep the cost down.

I was really happy with how they turned out and relieved to see them opened with a great big smile! Maybe next time I can stretch my skills and hand make the gift as well!

Hope you all have wonderful Christmas and lots of fun festivities :)



It's been a long while coming but my Etsy shop is finally up and running! There is just a handful of things on there so far while I test the waters and figure out this shop malarky but they are all pieces close to my heart.

All of the items were originally designed in my final year of university and all feature in my portfolio if you want to read more about them. I'm super excited to share these with you and can't wait to create some brand new items too!

To access the shop you can either click the 'shop' button at the top of the page to whizz right over, or go to www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SDunningIllustration. I hope you enjoy...


Building an Army of Foxes!

Whenever I've had a bit of down time the past couple of weeks, the majority has been spent preparing to open an Etsy shop. This has basically involved ordering prints, photographing them, preparing packaging and building a small army of foxes with my mother... As you do.

The idea of Frankie the fox came about in my final year of university after a conversation with one of my tutors about my Alphabet project (check out my portfolio!). I had dabbled with sewing a lot as a child. My mum was a ninja with a needle and I even thought about pursuing textiles as a career at one point. However since dropping the subject at A level, I hadn't picked up a needle since and creating this fox could definitely have been a complete hit or miss situation. Thankfully though, it turned out ok...

Alphabet Adventures was a project that was created to encourage children to spend more time outside and step away from the computer/TV screen. To do this I chose to illustrate the alphabet in a way that gave young children ideas of simple activities they can try outdoors, all of which were demonstrated by little Frankie the fox. The teddy was then created to accompany the child on their big adventure outdoors, and make the whole experience more relatable.

Both Frankie and the alphabet wall chart will be going on sale so if you may be interested keep a look out for those!