Looking for Printspiration!

Earlier this week I had the chance to head down to The London Print Design Fair. The aim of the trip was to just be inspired and see what kind of things people are liking at the moment. The show is typically a trade fair, so various print companies bring their collections to display to designers in the hope that they might buy them to use within their business.

As I wasn't there to actually buy prints it was a bit more like window shopping (the worst kind of shopping right?) however it was fascinating comparing all the different styles and learning how they were created.

One of the most interesting stands was a company called 'Potterton Books' who collected archive prints and had books full of old prints that you could buy and use or recreate. Even though these weren't exactly the type of prints I would be drawn to straight away, it was so fascinating to think about where these prints came from, how they were made and what they were originally used for.

My Favourite stands however, were the ones aimed at a slightly younger audience, particularly Lemon Ribbon and Paper&cloth. I find it so much easier to design for children and to be honest its just a bit more fun - you can think outside the box and just be as imaginative as you like! 

Paper&cloth really stood out to me as their work was so bright and eye-catching. There was such an array of different styles yet all the designs still looked as if they belonged together - and I wished I had designed every one of them! Its definitely inspired me to experiment with some different ways of working within my personal projects.

Before this trip I was never really aware of companies who create prints for other people rather than themselves, but its really intrigued me. Many people think of art and design as such a narrow subject with a big lack of jobs, but it seems theres actually quite a few that just work slightly more under the radar.

...Sarah :)