Noah gets a revamp!

Recently I decided to revamp my illustrated story of Noah. I created this book whilst in my final year of university and as my skills have developed a bit since then, I had been itching to give it a tweak. Finally, I actually got round to doing it... 

This book was imagined with the purpose of conveying the serious and real side of such a well known story. It is a modern picture book to appeal to a more mature audience and stray away from the cute children's stories and old fashioned traditional adaptions. Its aim is to tell the story purely through the drama and emotion found in the composition and style of the images in order for it to be understood by illiterate readers.

Noah will always be a little bit special to me as it was my first self written brief and my first illustrated story. Its an incredibly special moment to watch something develop from start to finish that is completely your own and then hold the finished piece in your hands. I think this was also the start of a love for book illustration.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind comments about Noah. Make sure you check out my portfolio for a few extra shots of the book!

...Sarah :)

P.s. Apologies for featuring that wooden table as my new background for EVERYTHING... I just love it so much!