That time I illustrated a book...

Its been a bit quiet around here for a while (more about that in my next post!) but today I have something very exciting to share with you. It looks a bit like this...

When I graduated from university last summer I was really interested in pursuing book illustration of some sort. Therefore I was extremely pleased when a company called BRF approached me after seeing my portfolio and asked me to illustrate the cover of this book. This was my first professional piece of work and in February was my first ever published illustration so it will always be a little special to me.  

The book is called Outdoor Church and was written by Sally Welch. Its aim is to provide children and families with resources to use outside the church building. The main emphasis of the cover was to capture the beauty of nature in every season while showing the community between families, children and adults.

Like I said before this was my first job straight out of uni and at times was quite hard, especially working from home in my bedroom, not knowing what work would come next and trying to communicate feedback via email. However it was a huge learning curve and a great experience seeing life as a freelancer. It was also very exciting watching my designs develop from start to finish and to now be able to see the final product and hold it in my hands.

Just in case you might be interested in purchasing this book by Sally Welch, you can find it on the BRF website here Look out for some seasonal illustrations inside too :)