Building an Army of Foxes!

Whenever I've had a bit of down time the past couple of weeks, the majority has been spent preparing to open an Etsy shop. This has basically involved ordering prints, photographing them, preparing packaging and building a small army of foxes with my mother... As you do.

The idea of Frankie the fox came about in my final year of university after a conversation with one of my tutors about my Alphabet project (check out my portfolio!). I had dabbled with sewing a lot as a child. My mum was a ninja with a needle and I even thought about pursuing textiles as a career at one point. However since dropping the subject at A level, I hadn't picked up a needle since and creating this fox could definitely have been a complete hit or miss situation. Thankfully though, it turned out ok...

Alphabet Adventures was a project that was created to encourage children to spend more time outside and step away from the computer/TV screen. To do this I chose to illustrate the alphabet in a way that gave young children ideas of simple activities they can try outdoors, all of which were demonstrated by little Frankie the fox. The teddy was then created to accompany the child on their big adventure outdoors, and make the whole experience more relatable.

Both Frankie and the alphabet wall chart will be going on sale so if you may be interested keep a look out for those!