New Collection!

It's been a while since I've sat down and written a blog post, however the time has finally come for me to share a few things I've been working on. Firstly, my website has had a brand spanking new makeover so if you haven't checked that out already, feel free to explore the various pages in the links above! And secondly.. I have launched a fancy new collection of greeting cards on my Etsy shop! 

During my spare time over the last couple of months, I have had a lot of fun designing new products and planning new launches. Over the next year I will be releasing a set of 6 greeting cards each season with some other product releases in-between. Some of these will be bringing back old favourites and some will hopefully involve some new product areas (if all goes to plan aha).

For some people the greetings industry is probably seen as very outdated with the rise of technology and social media etc. But for me I think its actually the most exciting it's ever been. With so many independent shops and boutiques, the choice and quality available is outstanding and you can really find something personal for that special someone. 

The first of my launches is a fun, character based set of greeting cards. They are designed for a variety of occasions and contain some classic on trend favourites such as cactus' and avocado's (because we can never have enough of those in 2017). 

To check out the full collection you can go to my shop by visiting or clicking the link at the top of the page.

Thanks for taking a look!

...Sarah :)

Into the Wild..

Last week I was very excited to finally get my hands on a set of boys pyjamas... Initially this may sound like an odd thing for a 23 year old girl to say, but I've waited almost a year to see the prints I designed way back in September. 

This particular set were from a collection called 'Into the wild' which was one of my favourite projects and a lot of fun to create. They were also my first brief on the job so it's great to see they came through. Obviously I am a small part of a bigger team that make this happen and I can't take all the credit, but it's great fun to be a part of it!

I was lucky enough to have my graphics and prints across two different collections of nightwear. One of which was 'Into the wild' seen above' and the other based around tractors pictured below...

It's also been great to finally add a new page to my portfolio so check that out for some close up shots!

...Sarah :)

Etsy shop restocked!!

So it's been a while but the Etsy shop is back and restocked! Its got some old favourites and a few new things such as this little collection of cards..

They're cute and funny with a nice painterly style and contain some seriously cheesy puns (apologies!). If you would like to purchase or maybe just want a closer look, check out my Etsy page by following the link here - - or head over to the shop button in the top right hand corner!

The much loved Frankie the fox is also back in stock and ready for another new home so be sure to check him out too! Hope you enjoy these new additions

... Sarah :)

P.s Thank you to everyone who voted for my card designs in Oh Deer's paperjam competition! Much appreciated :) 

Looking for Printspiration!

Earlier this week I had the chance to head down to The London Print Design Fair. The aim of the trip was to just be inspired and see what kind of things people are liking at the moment. The show is typically a trade fair, so various print companies bring their collections to display to designers in the hope that they might buy them to use within their business.

As I wasn't there to actually buy prints it was a bit more like window shopping (the worst kind of shopping right?) however it was fascinating comparing all the different styles and learning how they were created.

One of the most interesting stands was a company called 'Potterton Books' who collected archive prints and had books full of old prints that you could buy and use or recreate. Even though these weren't exactly the type of prints I would be drawn to straight away, it was so fascinating to think about where these prints came from, how they were made and what they were originally used for.

My Favourite stands however, were the ones aimed at a slightly younger audience, particularly Lemon Ribbon and Paper&cloth. I find it so much easier to design for children and to be honest its just a bit more fun - you can think outside the box and just be as imaginative as you like! 

Paper&cloth really stood out to me as their work was so bright and eye-catching. There was such an array of different styles yet all the designs still looked as if they belonged together - and I wished I had designed every one of them! Its definitely inspired me to experiment with some different ways of working within my personal projects.

Before this trip I was never really aware of companies who create prints for other people rather than themselves, but its really intrigued me. Many people think of art and design as such a narrow subject with a big lack of jobs, but it seems theres actually quite a few that just work slightly more under the radar.

...Sarah :)



Noah gets a revamp!

Recently I decided to revamp my illustrated story of Noah. I created this book whilst in my final year of university and as my skills have developed a bit since then, I had been itching to give it a tweak. Finally, I actually got round to doing it... 

This book was imagined with the purpose of conveying the serious and real side of such a well known story. It is a modern picture book to appeal to a more mature audience and stray away from the cute children's stories and old fashioned traditional adaptions. Its aim is to tell the story purely through the drama and emotion found in the composition and style of the images in order for it to be understood by illiterate readers.

Noah will always be a little bit special to me as it was my first self written brief and my first illustrated story. Its an incredibly special moment to watch something develop from start to finish that is completely your own and then hold the finished piece in your hands. I think this was also the start of a love for book illustration.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind comments about Noah. Make sure you check out my portfolio for a few extra shots of the book!

...Sarah :)

P.s. Apologies for featuring that wooden table as my new background for EVERYTHING... I just love it so much!